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Get Started

Welcome to the developer documentation for Boodle Buy Now Pay Later's merchant API.


To be able to integrate you must possess the following information from Boodle:

  1. Base URL - {{baseUrl}}
  2. Merchant Secret - {{secret}}
  3. Merchant ID - {{merchantId}}

Please ensure the above information is stored securely.

Postman and Code Snippets

You can download our most up-to-date Postman collection below:

Download the Postman Collection

From within Postman you can generate code snippets in the language of your choice:

Postman: How To Generate Code Snippets

Typical Flow

The process for getting purchases made through Boodle is simple.

  1. Make sure that you are authenticated and that you have configured your callback URL
  2. Prepare a purchase
  3. We'll notify you via HTTP POST request to your Callback URL to update you on the purchase
  4. If you have set a Redirect URL the customer's browser will be taken to the Redirect URL on reaching the end of their purchase
  5. The redirect functionality might need additional functionality for your use-case. Please get in touch if you foresee needing to use the Redirect URL